Rep. Ronda Menlove has proposed a small and probably overlooked bill (HB 309) titled State Veterinarian Amendments. Subsection 2 of the proposed bill is especially needed, as the state veterinarian (paid salary and benefits by the state of Utah) should not be competing financially in private practice against private veterinarians.

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The current state veterinarian, Dr. Bruce King, has always practiced for profit while employed by the state of Utah. He at one point had a contract with the Bureau of Land Management to provide veterinary care for the wild horses kept at the Gunnison State Prison. Dr. King was assistant state veterinarian and state veterinarian at the time of the contract. Dr. King currently maintains a veterinary practice in Axtell, Utah, where he lives.

By competing against private practitioners, the state veterinarian promotes resentment within the veterinary community and lessens his standing as the veterinarian responsible for the health of Utah's animals.

Wyatt Frampton

Salt Lake City