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Hitachi, an electronics company in Japan, has created a new device that'll give employers and supervisors an easy way to keep track of workers, CNN reported.

Bosses could soon have a new way to keep track of their employees. CNN ran an article on Feb. 2 that examined a new device — the Hitachi Business Microscope — and looked at how it will affect the workforce. The new piece of technology is much like an ID card and helps employers keep track of what their employees do in a day, CNN reported.

“It tracks everything,” CNN wrote. “If you get up to walk around the office a lot, the badge sends information to management about how often you do it, and where you go. If you stop to talk with people throughout the day, the badge transmits who you're talking to (by reading your co-workers' badges) and for how long. Do you contribute at meetings or just sit there? Either way, the badge tells your bosses. The stated intention of this is to increase productivity and get the most out of employees.”

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