I read various articles and commentaries about our air pollution and it seems to me that people don't even understand where the pollution is coming from. People run to the state Capitol and want the governor to do something about the pollution and the inversion.

The governor and the legislature can't solve the problem without our individual help. Pollution comes from our homes, our cars and from industry. That has already been established. The pollution from our homes and from industry, for the most part, comes from our gas-fired furnaces and water heaters as well as from industry processes that require a heating process that uses natural gas.

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I’ll admit that natural gas is a better and cleaner fuel than coal, for example, but it still adds to the pollution. In addition, every combustion process requires oxygen. When fuel and oxygen are mixed and ignited, combustion takes place and the result is various forms of exhaust such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and even water vapor.

When summer comes and trees are putting forth leaves and plants begin to grow, oxygen is produced. People shut down their furnaces and the pollution in the air is diminished.

There are many little things that can be done to help cut down on the pollution. I am working on my own personal environment. Each person should think about it and work on it too.

Bryant Larsen

Salt Lake City