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In a column for The Huffington Post, writer Babs Nichol explains why she enjoys being a high school English teacher and why it is the most real job there is.

Babs Nichols, a high school English teacher, enjoys her job. It’s the best job you can have, she said in her recent piece for The Huffington Post. She explained that being a teacher connects her to students and allows her to influence the way the young generations grow up. Her days are always different, and she can’t enjoy it enough.

“I stay because what I've learned in 29 years is that I do have a ‘real’ job — the most real job there is,” she wrote. “It's the one that leads to other jobs, that helps to create good thinkers who go on to be productive in our society, and that supports our community as it grows and times change. My job is one of the ones that matters most.”

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