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Inside Higher Education recently published an article the looked into whether it's appropriate to separate genders in school because of the students' religious reasons.

Students, teachers and education experts are weighing in on whether or not it’s OK for students to be separated by gender for religious reasons, Insider Higher Education reported on Jan. 31.

The debate centers around a Canadian professor who received — and later declined — a request by a student to “be exempt from an assignment requiring him to meet in-person with a group of his peers” because of religious reasons. The student didn't want to complete the assignment because there would be other genders involved in the project, Inside Higher Education said.

But is separating by gender something universities should do?

Omar Ali, president of the Federation of Student Islāmic Societies, said to Inside Higher Education that one of benefits of going to a university is that it’s a place where “people of every political, religious or cultural belief can get together with like-minded people and behave in ways they want to behave and organize events that serve them.”

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