We sent two senators to Washington. I see one who stands in front of the cameras and defends the Constitution. I don't see the other.

I hear one man crying out for a return to our founding documents and principles. I can't hear the other. One man stands and fights for a return to state rights. The other sits with the established elite.

From one I feel the love that made this land great. From the other I feel the cold clasp to power. One man says to let the people have liberty and be free. The other man says what he must so he will be re-elected.

God will not look kindly on a generation that was given everything but fought for nothing.

So I urge my fellow citizens of Utah to stand with Mike Lee and show our support. Let's take the power back from the Washington ruling class. Let's show the federal elites that we are awake and that we're not afraid to push back. Sen. Lee is fighting for Utah and this great nation. Let's help him fight the good fight.

Bretton Ferraro

St. George