We have a lot of good guys we expected a lot from going in, and they delivered. —Maple Mountain coach Justin Judkins

PROVO — As expected, Maple Mountain won the Region 8 wrestling championship Saturday at Timpview High. Perhaps less expected, however, was the relative razor-thin margin the Golden Eagles had over what proved to be stout competition.

Maple Mountain, with its 342.5 team points, just squeezed past both Salem Hills (331.5) and Wasatch (316) for the championship.

“It’s a tough region and give these teams credit. There’s a lot of great wrestlers here in this region,” said Maple Mountain coach Justin Judkins. “We have a young team this year and I’m proud of how the young guys stepped up.”

The Golden Eagles ruled the lower-weight divisions — taking first in the five weight divisions spanning 113 to 138 pounds, along with the 152- and 170-pound weight divisions. Leading the way was defending state champion Taylor LaMont, who took down Salem Hills’ Hunter Warren.

Other standouts for the region champs included freshman Ryan Hansen, who defeated teammate Marshall Curtis for the 120-pound championship with a 14-9 decision, and Tanner Cox, who made quick work of Spanish Fork’s James Wright for the 113-pound championship — pinning him just 1:49 into the match.

Other champions for Maple Mountain included Trent Kelly (126 pounds), Johnny O’Hearon (138), Brooks Robinson (152) and undefeated Kimball Bastion in the 170-pound class.

“We have a lot of good guys we expected a lot from going in, and they delivered,” Judkins said. “I think a big key for us was the younger guys, guys we didn’t know what we’d get from who really stepped up, a lot of second-year guys — unseeded guys like Jacob Biesinger, who really wrestled well and took second in the 285 weight.”

Taking down Biesinger for the 285-pound crown was Provo’s Dylan Thomas, who was also named the tournament’s most outstanding performer, along with Springville’s Zach Hansen.

“I’ve been working so hard and that work paid off,” Thomas said. “It’s a great honor because it’s such a great region, but I won’t enjoy it for long. Winning a state championship is my goal and it’s back to work immediately after this to get that goal.”

Hansen defeated Spanish Fork’s John Leilua with a 5-1 decision to win the 220-weight region championship.

“I wasn’t expecting to be named most outstanding wrestler, but it’s a great honor because I really think this is the toughest region in the state,” Hansen said. “It’s been a tough year overcoming some injuries, so this is really satisfying for me.”

Winning the tournament’s most outstanding coach award was Salem Hills’ T.J. Brindley. The Skyhawks won just one weight championship (Jacob Armstrong, 160 pounds), but placed second four times and third on another four occasions.

Wasatch placed second five times with Jake McNaughton (195) and Corbin Smith (106) winning the team's two individual championships.

Region 8 Wrestling Championships

At Springville High School

Team results

1. Maple Mountain, 342.5; 2. Salem Hills, 331.5; 3. Wasatch, 316; 4. Spanish Fork, 264.5; 5. Provo, 102; 6. Springville, 82; 7. Timpview, 54.

Individual results

106 — 1. Corbin Smith, Wasatch; 2. Braiden Parker, Wasatch; 3. Talon Rasmussen, Salem Hills; 4. Austin Davis, Salem Hills; 5. Schafer Heiner, Provo; 6. Braedin May, Spanish Fork.

113 — 1. Tanner Cox, Maple Mountain; 2. James Wright, Spanish Fork; 3. Jakob Discher, Wasatch; 4. Dallin Goold, Salem Hills; 5. Zack Skinner of Maple Mountain; 6. Bryton Shepherd, Salem Hills.

120 — 1. Ryan Hansen, Maple Mountain; 2. Marshall Curtis, Maple Mountain; 3. Caden Clyde, Wasatch; 4. Mason Colledge, Spanish Fork; 5. Jared Suarez, Salem Hills; 6. Connor Jackson, Salem Hills.

126 — 1. Trent Kelly, Maple Mountain; 2. Kyle Larsen, Salem Hills; 3. Bradley Payton Knight, Maple Mountain; 4. Andrew Giles, Provo; 5. Gage Bradley, Wasatch; 6. Jorgen Olsen, Spanish Fork.

132 — 1. Taylor LaMont, Maple Mountain; 2. Hunter Warren, Salem Hills; 3. Jaxon Van Tassell, Salem Hills; 4. John Tristan Hellstrom, Maple Mountain; 5. Colton Shepherd, Spanish Fork; 6. Kaelin Cummings, Wasatch.

138 — 1. Johnny O`Hearon, Maple Mountain; 2. Ritchie Heywood, Wasatch; 3. Nathan Sandage, Salem Hills; 4. Dalton Thomas, Salem Hills; 5. Brandon Evans, Provo; 6. Brett Davis, Spanish Fork.

145 — 1. Branson Ashworth, Spanish Fork; 2. Logan Huntington, Wasatch; 3. Cameron Killian, Maple Mountain; 4. Brennen Gerratt, Salem Hills; 5. Isaac Parrish, Salem Hills; 6. Garett Spencer, Springville.

152 — 1. Brooks Robinson, Maple Mountain; 2. Walker Van Tassell, Salem Hills; 3. Albert Jepperson, Wasatch; 4. Nick Piscitelli, Wasatch; 5. Bradin Hohrien, Spanish Fork; 6. Nasili Taufuiaevalu, Springville.

160 — 1. Jacob Armstrong, Salem Hills; 2. Robert (Spencer) Heywood, Wasatch; 3. Tevin Nuttall, Springville; 4. Conner Sorensen, Salem Hills; 5. Gavin McClain, Maple Mountain; 6. Collin Collyer, Spanish Fork.

170 — 1. Kimball Bastian, Maple Mountain; 2. Payton Mair, Wasatch; 3. Sam Smith, Salem Hills; 4. Austin Sutch, Spanish Fork; 5. William (Wayson) Foy, Wasatch; 6. Hunter Tellez, Provo.

182 — 1. Heber Shepherd, Spanish Fork; 2. Caleb Walker, Salem Hills; 3. Noah Avila, Timpview; 4. Ty Daley, Wasatch; 5. Todd Roberts, Salem Hills; 6. Donavan Minutes, Provo.

195 — 1. Jake McNaughton, Wasatch; 2. Harrison King, Spanish Fork; 3. Nate Richardson, Timpview; 4. Korbon Tibbals, Maple Mountain; 5. McNiel Millet, Spanish Fork; 6. Kolton Jackson, Maple Mountain.

220 — 1. Zach Hansen, Springville; 2. John Leilua, Spanish Fork; 3. John (Benjamin) Bos, Wasatch; 4. Jaxon Bowden, Salem Hills; 5. Taylor Crandall, Spanish Fork; 6. James Moore, Salem Hills.

285 — 1. Dylan Thomas, Provo; 2. Jacob Biesinger, Maple Mountain; 3. Tucker Gammell, Spanish Fork; 4. Alex Tujillo, Springville; 5. Chuck Siilata, Spanish Fork; 6. Joe Whitmore, Timpview.

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