OREM — With nine wrestlers competing in the Region 7 championship matches Saturday afternoon at Orem High School, Mountain View coach Chad Blevins was pretty confident he’d finish with about five individual champs.

Freshman Brigham Miyazarra probably wasn’t on his list of five.

Two weeks ago Miyazarra lost to Orem’s Adam Robins in a region meet 11-1, and on paper the 106-pound title match seemed like another rematch. Incredibly, Miyazarra reversed that result with a hard-fought 9-5 victory, one of five individual winners for the Bruins who ran away with the Region 7 team title.

“He’s an incredible athlete, he’s one of the most natural kids I’ve ever coached,” said Blevins. “And he listened to us, he didn’t wrestle on the mat and he kept the match on his feet.”

Scott Stokes (160 pounds), Micah Gill (182), Jeffrey Kindrick (195) and Micah Ngatuvai (285) joined Miyazarra as individual championship for Mountain View, which finished with 441 team points to easily top second-place Olympus’ 220.5 points.

“I was so pleased. I was especially pleased with some of our sophomores that stepped,” said Blevins. “I was hoping to get 17 or 18 into state and we got 19, so that was exciting.”

This year’s 4A state tournament takes place at the Maverik Center in West Valley City from Feb. 13-15.

A year ago Mountain View finished fourth at state, which Blevins admits will be difficult to duplicate in the incredibly deep 4A field that got a big boost with Wasatch making the jump from 3A this year.

With studs Gill and Ngatuvai, however, anything is possible. Both are ranked No. 1 in 4A in their respective weight and both pinned all three of their opponents at the region meet.

“I was happy they took care of business the way they did,” said Blevins.

Stokes also pinned his opponent to claim the 160-pound title, while Kindrick needed triple overtime to beat Skyline sophomore Jordan Crofts 3-2. Kindrick and Crofts had never wrestled prior to Saturday, and Kindrick benefitted in triple overtime by starting down on the mat.

“Whoever scores first in the match gets to choose, so a little bit of the luck of the draw,” said Blevins.

One of the other feature championship matches came at 113 pounds with Skyline’s Brock Goldstrohm edging Mountain View’s Julio Ortiz, 5-4. It was a match Blevin thought could go either way, but the Mountain View coach was very complimentary of the senior afterward, Skyline’s only individual champion.

Olympus finished second in the team race as Lukas Erickson (126), Jordan Albretsen (152), Tosh Wilcox (170) and Porter Baker (220) all won individual titles.

Other individual champs were Murray’s Cody Lightfoot (120), Murray’s Cody Benally (132), Corner Canyon’s Greg Lamb (138) and Orem’s Teric Abunuwara (145).

Lightfoot was named the lower-weights outstanding wrestler, while Wilcox was named the upper-weights outstanding wrestler. Lightfoot was a runner-up in state last year at 106 pounds, but he faces some stiff competition at 120 pounds this year.

Team scores

1. Mountain View, 441; 2. Olympus, 220.5; 3. Skyline, 208.5; 4. Timpanogos, 194.5; 5. Murray, 186.5; 6. Orem, 174; 7. Corner Canyon, 128.5

Individual results (top 4 qualify for state)

106 — 1. Brigham Miyazarra, Mountain View; 2. Adam Robins, Orem; 3. Christian Goeckeritz, Olympus 4. J.J. Thompson, Olympus 5. Robbie Dean, Skyline; 6. Chile Ice, Mountain View.

113 — 1. Brock Goldstrohm, Skyline; 2. Julio Ortiz, Mountain View; 3. Holden Reynolds, Olympus; 4. Chandler Salazar, Corner Canyon; 5. Andrew Kerby, Timpanogos; 6. Robbie Harker, Mountain View.

120 — 1. Cody Lightfoot, Murray; 2. Porter Willis, Orem; 3. Gavin Cavalli, Mountain View; 4. Caleb Monsen, Skyline; 5. Jaiden Gutierez, Skyline; 6. Michael Reid, Corner Canyon.

126 — 1. Lukas Erickson, Olympus; 2. Gabe Baca, Mountain View; 3. Dallin Delgado, Timpanogos; 4. Keegin Bray, Mountain View; 5. Matt Wilcox, Skyline; 6. Charles Sanchez, Murray.

132 — 1. Cody Benally, Murray; 2. Cole Frost, Mountain View; 3. Cody Walker, Skyline; 4. Josh Evans, Orem; 5. Wylee Dallin, Mountain View; 6. Braiden Nagata, Skyline.

138 — 1. Greg Lamb, Corner Canyon; 2. Zane Rasmussen, Corner Canyon; 3. Porter Treanor, Olympus; 4. Nate Mella, Orem; 5. Palmer Edholm, Mountain View; 6. David Acuna, Murray.

145 — 1. Teric Abunuwara, Orem; 2. Keegan Ngatuvai, Mountain View; 3. Cayden Gomez, Mountain View; 4. Colton Flygare, Orem; 5. Tanyon Jorgenson, Timpanogos; 6. Garrett Lamb, Corner Canyon.

152 — 1. Jordan Albretsen, Olympus; 2. Jose Linares, Timpanogos; 3. Jonathan Terry, Mountain View; 4. Alex Fritz, Skyline; 5. Cam Steele, Corner Canyon; 6. Peter Kingston, Murray.

160 — 1. Scott Stokes, Mountain View; 2. Kalebb Howell, Orem; 3. Parker Jensen, Skyline; 4. Purev Narmandach, Mountain View; 5. Tanner Corwell, Murray; 6. Ronnie Enciso, Timpanogos.

170 — 1. Tosh Wilcox, Olympus; 2. Ben Smith, Timpanogos; 3. Joshua Roberts, Mountain View; 4. Blake Lancaster, Skyline; 5. Andy Kresge, Timpanogos; 6. James Barnes, Corner Canyon.

182 — 1. Micah Gill, Mountain View; 2. Raymond Moreno, Orem; 3. Devin Baldwin, Murray; 4. Arvand Vidadi, Skyline; 5. Harrison Riggs, Mountain View; 6. Austin Smith, Timpanogos.

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195 — 1. Jeffrey Kindrick, Mountain View; 2. Jordan Crofts, Skyline; 3. Peter Schafer, Olympus; 4. Shaun Stockwell, Corner Canyon; 5. Jordy Evans, Orem; 6. Alec Trotter, Timpanogos.

220 — 1. Porter Baker, Olympus; 2. Christian Silva, Timpanogos; 3. Oliver Sitani, Mountain View; 4. Colton Rigby, Mountain View; 5. Anthony Rodriguez, Murray; 6. Keaton Pearson, Murray.

285 — 1. Micah Ngatuvai, Mountain View; 2. Joseph Orizaba, Murray; 3. Alan Ginger, Mountain View; 4. Pavel Bermudez, Timpanogos; 5. Colin Thompson, Olympus; 6. Austin Rosado, Skyline.