A reader referring to the Republican Party submitted a letter with the quote, “Nor can I vote in their primary elections even though my taxes pay for it.”

I believe having a discussion about whether or not we have primaries and who pays for them is certainly in order. However, Count My Vote basically suggests that parties should have virtually no say in who their candidates are. But that is ludicrous.

I personally like the idea that if a party cannot decide on a single candidate to have a primary to determine who represents them in the general election. However if cost is the problem, perhaps we should do away with primaries. Or perhaps parties pay the cost if they choose to have one.

Perhaps we scrap primaries all together for run-off elections where independents and party candidates vie for two spots in the general election. No matter what system is chosen, parties still ought to decide who their candidates are.

In my opinion, Count My Vote is less about creating a fair process and more an opportunity to prey on people’s sense of fairness.

Daniel Conder