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Lori Nawyn is the author of "Simple Things: Daily Thoughts, Stories and Inspirations of Live Life More Fully."

SIMPLE THINGS: Daily Thoughts, Stories and Inspiration to Live Life More Fully,” by Lori Nawyn, Covenant Communications, $15.99, 361 pages (nf)

“Simple Things: Daily Thoughts, Stories and Inspiration to Live Life More Fully” by Lori Nawyn is a small book packed with a lot of wisdom.

Nawyn’s book goes beyond the usual collection of inspiring thoughts for each day of the year.

Each month’s collection of thoughts is prefaced with a short, themed introduction that includes ideas for “making the most” of that particular month. Nawyn offers suggestions for activities, books to read and shares special moments in history that have occurred in that month.

The thoughts for each day include a short quotation from scripture or well-known author, and a brief message featuring personal stories and thoughts from a wide array of people to illustrate the theme for that day.

For example, the theme for May is “Dancing Along the Way: Friendship, Sisterhood and Joy.” One of the suggestions listed in “Making the Most of May” is: “Schedule a party for stargazing. Give earrings or other trinkets with stars to commemorate the event.”

May 14 has the topic of “Visiting Teaching: The Ripple Effect of Love,” and begins with this Yiddish proverb: “Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough but not baked in the same oven.”

Each month’s section closes with a small selection of recipes. May’s section features three cobbler recipes. And yes, February’s recipes feature chocolate.

The book is intended to “persuade you to refine your state of heart so you can grow to love, forgive, and believe in yourself and come to realize what an extraordinary person you are,” Nawyn writes in the introduction.

Simply designed, the book has an attractive cover but includes no illustrations. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in a handbag, backpack or purse.

Although many of the thoughts seem to be written with mothers in mind, the book would make a lovely gift for any woman ­— single, married, with or without children.

Nawyn is an author and illustrator and the wife of a fireman, mother of four and grandmother of four. She blogs at www.lorinawyn.com.

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