The Atlantic takes a look at the addition of online media to Mormon missionary work.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced several changes to missionary work during a Worldwide Leadership Broadcast in June 2013, saying online media would play an increasingly important role in spreading the church's message.

In an article titled "The Facebook of Mormon," The Atlantic's Shira Telushkin takes an in-depth look at how LDS Church members of various ages feel about the shift from knocking on doors to posting on Facebook walls.

She found that while many remain cautious about the dangers of the Internet, specifically pornography, most people involved in LDS missionary work are optimistic about the virtual and literal doors technology opens.

"Instead of fear, I found incredible optimism and excitement about technology in mission work, albeit alongside caution. Instead of second-hand nostalgia for the past, I found some rare faith in the future," Telushkin said.

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