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Winston Armani, Deseret News
Lyndsie Hauck was a world-class skeleton athlete before becoming a paramedic/firefighter for South Salt Lake. Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014, she was named South Salt Lake's Firefighter of the Year.

SOUTH SALT LAKE — A former world-class athlete received an award in a career she chose after she stopped competing in the skeleton.

After Lyndsie Hauck’s career as a skeleton athlete came to an end, she became a paramedic and firefighter in South Salt Lake.

“Physical aspects of being an athlete, switching over to firefighter, it's pretty much the same, as well as teamwork,” Hauck said.

On Wednesday, she was named the city's Firefighter of the Year.

Chief Ron Morris said Hauck is the perfect example of a great athlete who brought all of her training, skills and talents to the fire department.

“(She's) very trained, very interested in learning more all the time, very energetic (and) a go-getter," Morris said. "She's just a joy to be around in the department.”

Hauck said she was caught off-guard by the award because she said it was simply an honor to do her job. Her boss and family say she is a perfect example of an athlete who made a career transition that will benefit many.

— Carole Mikita