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A writer for The Huffington Post tells how one of her daughter's competitors showed true kindness that reflected the values shared in her home.

Raising a kind daughter begins in the home, according to Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis, a writer for The Huffington Post. Kampakis tells the story of her daughter’s campaign to be on the student council and how a friendly competitor, Anne, not only helped her win, but was congratulatory toward her once Kampakis’ daughter, Ella, won. She said the kindness showed by Anna was because of the way she was raised at home, Kampakis said.

“Kindness among young girls doesn't start on the playground or in the locker room — it starts at home,” Kampakis wrote. “Most notably, it starts with kind mothers raising kind daughters. Our girls see how we treat our friends. They also notice how we treat their friends.”

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