I strongly disagree with much of John Florez’s op-ed “Funds for unemployed?” (Jan. 25), and I believe many will agree with my point of view.

He states that it is not compassionate to require the unemployed to take a drug test in order to obtain food stamps or welfare or to make them do volunteer work as a way to pay back for welfare. He also states that it is bureaucratic indignity to require such tests or work.

Many employers require drug tests and sobriety of their employees. Many employed workers as well as many on welfare freely volunteer to perform works of service for the good of the general public and do not feel demeaned by such service. The government programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration gave those in need the dignity of performing valuable work during the Great Depression.

Today, many taxpayers are happy to help those in need but do not wish to have their money spent to support the harmful habits of drug or alcohol abuse. I believe that workfare is far more dignified than welfare.

Sune Robins

American Fork