Both the political bills and citizen activity surrounding our inversion have intensified as the air has worsened. The familiar plaint we hear from the governor’s office is that only 11 percent of the pollution is due to industrial sources. Thus, the state’s partial solution to improving the situation is for the average citizen to change his or her behavior: drive less, use public transport, purchase energy-efficient vehicles, avoid wood burning fires and stoves, ride a bike and walk.

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The last two suggestions seem hardly healthy in the face of bad air.

It is hard for those of us who inhabit happy valley to believe that the refineries to the west of the valley, the medical recycling facilities, and Rio Tinto are responsible for such a minuscule portion of our environmental problem.

With all the discussion due to ensue during the legislative session let’s hope we get clarification of the portion of the inversion caused by industry, so that responsibility for rectifying the situation can be squarely placed where it belongs.

Louis Borgenicht

Salt Lake City