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For the first time in Cheerios history, and only the second time in General Mills history, one of the many 30-second ads that will air during the Super Bowl will feature round-shaped cereal.

The only other time General Mills has chosen to run an advertisement during the Super Bowl was in 1996 with a Wheaties ad.

But ever since the company received racist comments regarding the biracial family featured in a Cheerios ad last May, General Mills has made it a point to stand behind biracial families.

This Sunday the cereal company will release its latest commercial featuring the same family from the previous ad: Gracie, the daughter, with her white mother and black father.

In the commercial, Gracie's father describes their family by using Cheerios. He shows her that their family of three will soon become four. To this, Gracie replies, "And, a puppy."

Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Big G cereals, said the advertisement showcases a cereal that brings families together.

"Cheerios is about families and love and connections — and breakfast," Gibson said on the General Mills website. "Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments with a family that America fell in love with."

Although comments online were removed from the previous Cheerios commercial, comments for the cereal's latest advertisement have remained available. Many viewers expressed their appreciation for the company's stand.

"Have to give it to the Cheerios people for being bold where others would have avoided controversy," Derek Womble wrote online.

Edithson Abelard also commented, expressing his appreciation because the family in the commercial represents his own future.

"Cheerios has my respect big time," Abelard wrote online. "When my wife and I have kids we'll be able to watch the commercial, and they'll see it's OK to love someone from a different race and be proud."