Several years ago, I attended my first precinct caucus meeting. I was tired of being an uninformed voter and hoped this would help. I left as a county delegate. Over the next few months I met face to face with candidates and rubbed shoulders with others who knew much more than I did.

I learned a lot about how the party works and what the candidates stood for. It took a lot of work, but I accomplished my goal of being a more informed voter. I have since served as precinct chair and delegate many times. Now I help others become more informed and encourage people to vote. Without the caucus system I never would have taken the time to really get involved.

The caucus system not only gives candidates with low budgets a chance to get elected, it helps people become informed. A properly run caucus will give many voters the opportunity to serve their neighbors and become more knowledgeable about the political system. It encompasses the purpose this country was built upon — the opportunity to make a difference.

I believe that the proposed changes in the primary system will not only result in those with money getting elected; it will reduce the incentive to become informed. Please show support for the caucus system and attend your caucus in March.

David Willis