It seems there is a lot taken for granted in the proposed removal of the prison to a remote location, especially by those who stand to profit from a move of this magnitude.

I haven't seen a citizen uprising demanding the removal of the prison. I haven't seen an employee rally calling for a move. There hasn't been a group of relatives of inmates calling for a move. Only the opportunistic developers that have taken for granted that the people of Utah are willing to front a billion bucks for the move.

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Why should Utahns spend a billion dollars to satisfy profiteers, unless of course the developers are willing to then pay for the move from the pie-in-the-sky profits rolling in?

Rumors are rife of lobbyists salivating all over legislators trying to stir up support for such a scheme and proposing possible plans that would ease the impact on the people. This snowball campaign needs to be slowed down. We should be calling our representatives and letting them know how we feel about spending a billion bucks so developers can profit.

Utah can profit from new businesses coming to build, but it doesn't need to be this expensive.

Jim Scott

West Jordan