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A group of mothers in Connecticut joined together to show that it is OK for mothers to do things differently by participating in a photo shoot that highlighted their differences.

Mothers have always had a list of their own best practices, but as blogs have flourished on the Internet so has the competition over which practices are best for children.

But one group of mothers in Connecticut wants to end the online "mommy wars" and bring back the idea of sisterhood.

In the latest campaign, Michelle Noehren, creator of the online community CT Working Moms, and many other women joined together to show that it is OK for mothers to do things differently by participating in a photo shoot highlighting their differences. Although the photo shoot was done several months ago, it has recently received attention on social media.

"I'm not sure why there's so much competition between moms," Noehren wrote in an email to the Deseret News.

"That was the premise behind our campaign for judgement-free motherhood photo shoot. To take the topics that are usually talked about in a way to divide us and make a powerful statement about the importance of sisterhood, unity and respect for other people's differing parenting choices."

The photo shoot included topics from homeschooling to food to discipline. Noehren expressed her desire to raise awareness about the judgment women unconsciously pass on one another.

"We hope that everyone who sees our campaign is impacted in a positive way and perhaps remembers our message the next time they find a judgmental thought pop up in their head," Noehren said. "We all make judgments of other people, but what we do with that judgment is up to us. And we have the power to let them go."

Since completing the photo shoot, Noehren and the other women who participated have been overwhelmed by the positive response.

"We are beyond amazed that we have been able to reach so many people with our message about loving each other instead of judging each other as we truly believe moms should be united and not divided," Noehren said. "We’ve received lots of emails and comments on our social media from moms who love our message and are honored to connect with people in this way."

The Connecticut Working Moms are also preparing to release a new campaign for 2014.

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