I respect the fact that a reader from Idaho Falls had the opportunity to express his displeasure at the way Utah Jazz broadcasters Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring are calling the games. I would like to respectfully disagree.

As a longtime Jazz fan, true through thick and thin, I thoroughly enjoy Craig and Matt. To me they are just the right balance of fun, entertainment and serious calling of the game. The two of them are the perfect balance for my family and I. On nights when Matt isn't calling the game with Craig, we miss him. Ron Boone and others who fill in for Matt are fine, but we think the game just isn't as much fun to watch when Matt and his great sense of humor aren't there.

This season has been a rather tough one for Jazz fans, but Craig and Matt make the nights the Jazz lose a little less disappointing with the way they comment and stay positive about the future for the Jazz. Here's hoping that Craig and Matt are around to call the games for many more years to come. We love those guys and we love the Jazz.

Karen Clawson