The other day I read a criticism of free enterprise because insurance companies have increased their premiums too much; however, in this case, big government is the culprit, because they decided insurance companies were not including sufficient medical coverage in their policies.

So the government bureaucrats told the coverage they needed to include. Of course, it caused a need to increase premiums. At the same time, rather than a CEO making too much money, it becomes corrupt government leaders who become greedy for power.

That is one of the biggest problems with big government; they want to tell us how to run our businesses and even our homes.

On the other hand, if free enterprise is allowed to work properly, competition usually causes lower costs. Of course there are problems on this side of the coin also, because too often greed takes over, and people want to make more and more money. So no situation is perfect; however, usually, free enterprise allows people to enjoy the so-called "American Dream."

Russell Bender