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"Say Goodbye to Survival Mode" is by blogger and mother Crystal Paine.

"SAYING GOODBYE TO SURVIVAL MODE: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life," by Crystal Paine, Thomas Nelson Publishers, $22.99, 256 pages (nf)

Crystal Paine started her MoneySavingMom website to share her advice on budget-making, using coupons, and things such as managing schedules to promote a life full of purpose. All of these things were habits she had developed early on in life and were things women were questioning her about every day.

Her website now receives more than a million views a month and provides a full-time income for her family. In "Say Goodbye To Survival Mode," Paine takes the tips she has learned throughout the years and organizes them into nine steps to simplifying one's life.

This book is different from her blog in that it "shares my story of pulling out of the pit of survival mode and the practical steps I’ve taken to be living a life filled with meaning and purpose. It’s raw, vulnerable, and authentic — and it delves much deeper into my story and personal journey than I’ve had the space to do on the blog," Paine wrote on her blog.

Each chapter focuses on one strategy to "stress less, sleep more, and restore your passion for life," with titles such as "Stop Trying To Do It All," "Say Yes To The Best" and "Sometimes It Is About You."

Paine shares personal stories about how she learned to say no to things that were piling her plate too high, how to cut back on expenses by determining wants versus needs, and how to plan for personal time to unwind.

"Say Goodbye To Survival Mode," which is scheduled to be released Jan. 21, is full of quotes from other frugal living experts such as Stephen Covey and Dave Ramsey, and includes worksheets throughout and in the appendix to put the suggestions into practice and stay organized.

Paine writes in her book, "No matter your age, your financial situation, your education or your upbringing, you can live an exceptional life. You can say goodbye to survival mode and hello to a life that matters."

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