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Hasbro Inc.
Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga Rise of Darth Vader

Count on Hasbro to release a basket of brand-new games based on its popular brands and partnerships for the new year.

This roundup of games is designed for different age groups, from children through adults.

Monopoly Empire for two to four players is the latest version of Monopoly to hit mainstream gaming,and its theme centers on company brands such as Coke, Xbox and McDonald's.

One of the complaints gamers have with Monopoly is how long it takes to play. Monopoly Empire is the fastest version I've ever played. Unique to this edition is collecting brands instead of property. Gone are bankruptcies, houses and hotels. Players have a plastic tower that gets filled with purchased brands and the first one to fill their tower wins. Choose one of six gold tokens: Coke bottle, Xbox controller, sports car, Paramount movie clapper, McDonald's fries or motorcycle.

Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga: Rise of Darth Vader is a game packed with three popular brands: Angry Birds, Star Wars and Jenga. One or two players set up a block tower resembling the face of Darth Vader stacked with evil henchpigs. Each player takes turns launching Star Wars birds resembling General Grievous, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Emperor Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Yoda at the Darth Vader blocks. Tally up the points at the end of the game to see who the winner is. Watch out below.

Tetris Jenga is a fun family game that plays like the original but includes cool, colorful plastic Tetris pieces. Players first build a tower out of the available pieces and then take turns dismantling it piece by piece. The player who removes a piece and topples the tower is out of the game. The remaining players rebuild the tower and continue. The last player left wins the game. The unique thing about this version is the replacement of wooden blocks with Tetris-shaped playing pieces. It's a blast for the whole family.

For adults, Funny or Die is a party game based on a comedy website. Players hold a hand of cards with funny photos on one side and comical captions on the other. A die determines if players will match captions with photos or photos with captions. A random pool of cards is placed in the center of the table and each player contributes a photo or quote. Voting tokens are placed by each player for the funniest photo and caption. Players who have the best jokes earn "money." The player with the most money wins. Plays similar to Apples to Apples. According to Hasbro's website, the game, which is listed for ages 13 and up, features "images of extreme stunts that should not be recreated, mild nudity and other content that might be offensive to some players."

Chasin' Cheeky is a children's game guaranteed to get out the wiggles. An electronic purple monkey with a long tail sticking up in the air is placed on the floor. It randomly begins moving, turning and twisting around the room. Children are given colored plastic rings that they attempt to throw just right to slide over and down the monkey's tail. If a ring misses the target, a player can grab it and try again. Once a player gets all of the rings onto the monkey's tail, it's a race to grab the banana in Cheeky's mouth to win the game.

Ryan Morgenegg is a multimedia specialist for the Deseret News.