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A recent study by The Lancet showed that men who participated in a soccer training program lost more weight than those who weren't involved in the program.

Soccer might be the answer for those looking to score some weight loss, according to BBC News.

In a recent study by The Lancet, playing soccer was identified as a reason for men to lose weight more than those who don’t play, BBC reported. The study looked at 748 overweight soccer fans, half of which were sent to a 12-week training program for their local soccer club, BBC said. The other 374 men were put on a waiting list for the program and didn't compete.

One year later, the 374 men who participated in the 12-week program lost 11 lbs. more than those who didn’t participate in the soccer program. The researchers said the study “proves male-friendly weight loss plans work,” BBC said.

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“Participants really enjoyed being with other men like them, with a shared interest in football and similar health issues to address,” said study co-author Kate Hunt, a professor from Glasgow University. “They loved having the opportunity to spend time at the club, using parts of the stadium that they couldn't ordinarily access. And they appreciated the chance to be encouraged, trained and informed by the club's coaches. This model has real potential for the future.”

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