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Salt Lake City Police Department
Salt Lake City police are looking for a man they say installed a skimmer in a post office kiosk to steal bank information, then began withdrawing money from victims' accounts.

KEARNS — A man installed a skimming device at a Salt Lake County post office to steal bank information and pin numbers, police say.

So far, six people have turned to police after money began disappearing from their bank accounts, Salt Lake City police detective Cody Lougy said. Police traced the incursions back to a self-serve kiosk at the Kearns post office, 5495 S. 4015 West, between Dec. 12 and Dec. 18.

"The skimming device was able to read the cardholders' or the victims' account number, as well as their pin number," Lougy said. "Once they have that information, the perpetrator is able to make a fake card, and he has been able to go to various ATMs throughout our city and withdraw money."

Victims have lost up to $500 in a single withdrawal, Lougy said. The withdrawals started Friday, and many were made from machines near City Creek Center.

Surveillance cameras captured an image of the man believed to have installed the skimmer as he got cash from ATMs, Lougy said. The man is described as white, slender and in his mid-20s.

Salt Lake City police are urging residents to use credit rather than debit cards in order to protect their pin numbers and to review their transaction history every few days.

Anyone with information about the man is asked to call Salt Lake City police at 801-799-3100.

— McKenzie Romero