Jason Olson, Deseret Morning News
Christian philosopher Ravi Zacharias speaks at the Salt Lake Tabernacle, in an event organized by Standing Together Ministries.

Popular Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias spoke in front of 3,500 Mormons and evangelical Christians this past weekend, asking them to oppose “lost morality” and “relativism” together, according The Christian Post.

Zacharias’ speech was a part of the “Freedom and Friendship” event last Friday and Saturday at the LDS Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. It was presented by Standing Together, a group of evangelical churches looking to "be a catalyst for uniting the Utah Christian community through relational efforts of prayer, worship, and strategic evangelism,” The Christian Post reported.

Zacharias highlighted how Mormons and Evangelicals should deal with culture.

"When you only do whatever works, really nothing works. … We must build our lives upon things that are eternal," Zacharias said, according to The Christian Post. "We talk so much about one's rights that we talk so little about what is actually right. It's an alarming trend. … There is only one angle at which you can stand straight and many, many different angles at which you can fall.”

His speech also asked Mormons and Evangelicals to progress and change themselves in the eyes of God before looking to change modern-day culture.

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