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Larry Horricks, Paramount Pictures
Left to right, Chris Pine is Jack Ryan and Kevin Costner is Thomas Harper in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

Information for parents about "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit."

Violence/gore: A missile hits a military helicopter. A survivor is badly burned. Much of the violence is fast-paced and blurred. Military and government weapons are used to take people out. Not much blood is shown. There is some hand-to-hand fighting, which results in death.

Language/sexuality: There are some uses of profanity. Some sexual innuendo is used in conversation, but only kissing takes place. The closest thing to nudity is a woman in a towel.

Alcohol/drugs: There's drinking of wine at dinner. A minor amount of smoking is depicted. Medication is assumed to be taken with alcohol.

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