My family lives in downtown Salt Lake City, and we love this state. However, if there is one thing that will force us to move, it is the air pollution, specifically, the PM2.5 pollution that will affect my daughter's development and health for her entire life.

I am doing my part by reducing my driving, taking public transport and even living in a smaller condo so we can be closer to work and school. In fact, I walk my daughter to preschool almost every day, and on yellow and red days we wear N95 masks given to us by a nurse who saw us walking on a bad day. She shared some she was carrying.

I am not pleased with the efforts being made by the industrial sector in Utah. I am tired of hearing "drive less, take UTA, carpool" when the industrial sector is allowed to increase its pollution. I wish our representatives would represent us, not the corporations.

Jake Walker

Salt Lake City