For years, “conspiracy theorists” have alleged that certain segments of our government have colluded with criminal cabals regarding prostitution, drug running and even assassinations. News stories in the past have implied such connections. For example, a judge seals a case regarding international sex trafficking because of "national security." Or CIA flights crash in the jungles of Central America loaded with cocaine or other drugs.

Not to be outdone, it is now reported and confirmed that the DEA has been secretly dealing with Mexico’s most notorious drug cartel. The Sinaloa Cartel is responsible for hundreds of deaths and providing billions of dollars worth of cocaine and heroin on the streets of this country. I wonder how that fits with the DEA’s mission statement.

Orrin Hatch accuses those believing in such “wild-eyed” conspiracy theories as needing tin-foil hats. It seems Sen. Hatch’s own hat has slid down over his own eyes and obscured his vision. His hat is made of delusions of self-importance and clout. Furthermore, he may actually believe that he is doing something positive for this republic. Not so. Where is our leadership in Washington?

Bruce A. Nieveen