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"Runway Dust" is by Charles R. Furden.

Editor's note: This is one of a trio of books that highlight an aspect of Utah's history.


"RUNWAY DUST: Airport Adventures during the Fabulous Fifties" by Charles R. Furden, Time West Publishing, $13.95, 338 pages (nf)

Since his youth, author Charles Furden has been fascinated with anything having to do with airplanes. In the 1950s, he landed the perfect job to help feed his obsession at the nearby Utah Central Airport. This small airport and its planes and people are the focus of Furden’s meandering memories in his book, “Runway Dust: Airport Adventures during the Fabulous Fifties.”

It is obvious Furden knows his stuff. His descriptions of various types of planes and their characteristics are so precise that much of the information might be lost on novices.

Conversely, fellow flight enthusiasts can relate to his excitement over his first solo flight and problems during flight.

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Furden is passionate about his subject and goes into great detail regarding everything relating to his aviation experiences and plane models. For those not interested in the subject, this book can be a slow wade. But to others who understand airplanes or airports, this book is a great repository of historical flight information.

“Runway Dust” is a clean book for those interested in aviation and the history of the small, nearly forgotten Utah Central Airport.

Furden grew up watching planes fly near his home in the Salt Lake Valley. He currently resides in West Valley City.

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