A recent article on the Count My Vote Initiative quoted Paul Mero, president of the Sutherland Institute, as saying that young voters "don't have a clue," and are too selfishly wrapped up in their own lives to bother attending a caucus meeting.

Thanks for that, Mr. Mero. 2012 was the year I turned 18, and that spring I attended the caucus meetings for both major parties. I researched every candidate on the ballot, including for minor races such as school board elections, and made sure that I was thoroughly informed on all the major issues.

Here's the best part — I didn't even vote. My birthday wasn't until one month after Election Day.

I'm now a legal adult with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. And I certainly do not think it is Mero's or anyone else's right to make decisions for me, based on stereotypes and generalizations, just because I'm not their age. I certainly don't think asking for a fair election counts as selfishness.

Jenica Jessen