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Provided by Andrews McMeel Publishing
"The Robin Takes 5 Cookbook for Busy Families" is by Robin Miller.

Find your time for meal preparation is getting shorter and shorter? There's a quick mealtime solution for that.

Here are four solutions to the mealtime woes that come for families busy with soccer practice, dance class and getting to bed on time.

"THE ROBIN TAKES 5 COOKBOOK FOR BUSY FAMILIES," by Robin Miller, Andrews McMeel Publishing, $16.99, 240 pages

Robin Miller, author of "Robin Takes 5 Cookbook for Busy Families," doesn't just acknowledge that dinnertime is busy; she also pays homage to busy families trying to eat well during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With her simple-step recipes with many ingredients already found around the house, Miller's new cookbook can ease the stress of the family's mealtime woes with many dishes that are ready in 20 minutes or less.

"THE 6-INGREDIENT SOLUTION," America's Test Kitchen, $26.95, 328 pages

Tired of boring meals on the run? Look no further than a new installation by America's Test Kitchen's "6-Ingredient Solution." As the title suggests, each meal calls for no more than six ingredients that can infuse your dinner presentations with rich flavors.

Though not all the ingredients are found in the average kitchen, these unique and bold additions can add a kick to your dish.

"TWENTY-DOLLAR, TWENTY-MINUTE MEALS (for 4 people)," by Caroline Wright, Workman Publishing, $12.95, 208 pages

For the cook who's low on time and tight on a budget, Caroline Wright's "Twenty Dollar, Twenty-Minute Meals" can be the answer to a culinary prayer. Wright combines a collection of flavorful ingredients to create quick and easy affordable gourmet dishes.

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And if it's a little adventure you're looking for in your cooking, this book provides simple-to-read instructions and recipes that won't break the bank.

"COME HOME TO SUPPER" by Christy Jordan, Workman Publishing, $16.95, 320 pages

Add some heart to your cooking with Christy Jordan's "Come Home to Supper." Jordan's new cookbook is filled with comfort and family food that can bring the masses to your table.

In addition to easily executed meals that pack a punch in taste, Jordan offers simple advice to bring the family together not just for a meal, but for a lost art — conversation.

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