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Brian Scott (Hurricane)

HURRICANE — Former Hurricane standout Brian Scott had the “California surfer” mentality in the eyes of his football coach, Chris Homer.

“That’s really how he was,” Homer said. “(Scott would say) ‘Hey, coach. It’s OK. Why are you getting so fired up? Relax, take it easy.’ … I don’t know if he had that personality, I kind of wonder if it was in preparation for this challenge? He was very mature, and he got the big picture early on.”

On Tuesday, Scott, 20, succumbed to his fight with leukemia after receiving the diagnosis at 18.

“It’s hard right now,” Homer said. “I think (he’s known) for his athletic talents, which were amazing. He was an amazing athlete, but I guess that stuff doesn’t mean that much today. … He’s just a good boy that unfortunately had a lot to live for and now it’s not going to happen. That’s the worst thing, I think.”

Scott was named the 2011 Deseret News 3A MVP after leading the Tigers to an undefeated championship with 1,638 yards and 31 touchdowns. He was also a three-time champion wrestler in the 220-pound division.

“He was able to change the culture of a school in a way,” Homer said. “It’s been a couple of years, he’s been out of high school, but a lot of these kids know who he was. He was so good to everybody. He was humble. I don’t think he ever thought he was better than anybody — ever. I think that has to do with his family.”

Scott, known for his humble and articulate dialogue, was scheduled to leave on an LDS Church mission before playing athletically at Southern Utah University when he received the original diagnosis. He underwent chemotherapy treatment in 2012, but the cancer returned shortly thereafter.

“I think we all thought he was going to get better. The fact that he’s not with us today is hard to believe,” Homer said. “About a month ago they basically said there’s nothing else they can do for him, and so we’ve all been preparing for today since then.

“I’ve been able to visit him a lot in the last four weeks and like most people said it’s probably better this way because of all the pain he’s been enduring the last few weeks. It’s a sad day for our whole community.

“I feel that it’s unfair that he doesn’t get a full life and then all those other questions,” Homer continued. “The why game? Why somebody that was that healthy and that strong? I don’t know. I’ve got a lot of things to work out on my own I guess.

“I’m going to miss him.”

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