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Brandon Behling, 2014
The metal roof of the Ferron Fire Station in Sanpete County is seen on the ground, next to the building on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014, because of heavy winds.

FERRON, Emery County — The roof at the Ferron fire station became a casualty of high winds in the area Sunday.

Resident Brandon Behling said he went to see the damage Sunday afternoon. The west side of the roof was pulled off by winds with gusts in the area up to 55 mph. Behling could see the tin covering the rest of the roof buckling and lifting.

When he returned hours later, the east side had also blown off, taking the metal and tar paper with it, he said. The roof's plywood substructure was all that was left.

"We usually get quite a bit of wind down here but nothing this hard and for this long," he said.

In his 32 years in the town, Behling said he has gotten used to heavy winds and the occasional barn or shed roof blowing off. "It's just kind of growing up here, one of those things that we kind of deal with," he said.

A wind advisory was in effect in the Emery County area until late Sunday.

— Whitney Evans