Sam Guymon
Sam Guymon tweeted this picture captioned by "#ALIVEtweet" after being transported to the hospital by ambulance Wednesday night.

ST. GEORGE — Dixie’s Sam Guymon has been released from the hospital after losing consciousness and suffering convulsions when his head collided with the court Wednesday night.

“I feel a lot better. I just have a slight headache,” Guymon said. “I still have to get cleared by a neurologist and (my) appointment is next Friday to get an MRI and EKG scan, and if those clear (I) have to go to the concussion recovery program."

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The injury occurred in Dixie’s 61-44 loss against Pine View. Guymon lost his balance going airborne in an attempt to rebound a missed shot. He then fell to the court and whiplashed his head.

“I don’t really remember anything actually,” Guymon said. “I remember trying to rip the ball out and then waking up in the hospital.”

Guymon was transported by ambulance to the Dixie Regional Medical Center when he regained consciousness after several minutes.

Guymon is averaging 10.17 points per game this season, the second highest total for Dixie. He’s expected to return to action in the coming weeks.


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