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Photos courtesy Box Elder County Fire Department
Flammable liquids, tires and other fuel stored in the basement of the home caused the blaze to grow in a house fire in Promontory, Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014.

PROMONTORY, Box Elder County — Containers of liquid explosives accelerated a house fire that caused an estimated $175,000 in damage Wednesday.

Crews from Thatcher Penrose as well as the Corrinne and Tremonton fire departments responded to a house fire at 895 E. Promontory Road about 5 a.m., said Box Elder County Fire Marshal Corey Barton.

The house was in a distant location, and its occupant, who is renting the home, was in a Salt Lake hospital, so by the time crews responded, flames filled the home.

Twenty firefighters spent six hours fighting the blaze. There was not a water system near the home, so crews worked to keep a nearby building safe and keep the fire from growing, Barton said.

"There were several tense moments during the fire due to numerous explosions taking place from flammable liquid containers and lots of ammunitions that were stored in the home," he said in a statement.

Motor oil, hydraulic oil, tires and other items were being stored in the basement of the farm home. The homeowner came from Henefer and used his tractor to help pull some items out of the home.

According to Barton, the house was "a total loss." He estimated that there was $175,000 in damage.

Representatives from the state fire marshal are helping with the investigation, but the cause of the fire has not been determined.