AMERICAN FORK — The city now requires owners of residential rentals to register with the city.

The ordinance was brought forward to the City Council by the Neighborhood Preservation Committee with the endorsement of the police department in an effort to improve the lines of communication and notification between the city’s emergency services and the residential rental owners.

The ordinance makes available to the fire, police and public works departments the immediate contact information of the owners of residential rentals in the event of a critical incident at their properties.

Most residential rental owners must apply. Exceptions include of rentals where the owner is on-site or that meet the legal definition of an “accessory apartment,” or mother-in-law apartment; residences that are ordinarily owner-occupied but are temporary rented due to the owner being in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, or the owner is on a temporary job assignment, sabbatical or voluntary service. Owners of multiple rental locations will need an application for each separate address they own.

Contact the police department at 801-763-3020 to request an application in the mail, or download an application form at Applications can also be picked up at the police department, 75 E. 80 North, in the Police/District Court Building, Suite 101.

There is a $50 registration fee per landlord and $25 renewal registration thereafter if there are no changes from the previous year.

For more information, email