We call them the greatest generation. They fought for freedom, for their families, for their country and their way of life. We owe our lives and our way of life to them, and how do we treat them? We take their money, their trust and their homes away from them.

Residents of a senior community mobile home park in Midvale are seeing increases in their rent with the purpose of pricing them out of their homes. They are being subjected to these increases because the owner of the community wants them to move, enabling the owner to raze the neighborhood and build apartments.

These people are on fixed incomes, which they need to pay for rent, food, heat, medication and fuel, with few amenities. Why as a society do we allow people with deep pockets to inflict such stress on our senior friends? Our greatest generation should be respected and given the security of living their lives safe from those who place money above people. Stop the disrespect, the greed, the lack of human kindness and let the community grow with new residents.

Lorene Butler