MSNBC has stooped to a new low by mocking the Mitt Romney family for including their adopted African-American child in a family photo of the grandchildren. The “joke” is that the infant is the only black child in the photo and this singularity is emblematic of Republicans generally.

So what would MSNBC have said had the Romneys excluded the black child from the photo? Such “jokes” are deeply offensive to our family, which counts four such children. Why is the child’s race even a matter of note? This disturbing episode reveals the rotten stench of “political correctness,” which MSNBC pretends to decry.

A family which reaches out to an unwanted child of any description should be praised, not ridiculed. Children of every color need parents. The callousness of MSNBC in ridiculing the Romneys is astonishing in that Barack Obama, oft touted as the first “post-racial” president, was raised by a white family.

Scott Clark

Cottonwood Heights