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Cover image of Dan Barker's 'The Old Testament Explained: Through Modern Revelation.'

Editor's note: The following is part of a series featuring select materials intended to supplement the study of church curriculum for 2014.

"THE OLD TESTAMENT EXPLAINED Through Modern Revelation," by Dan Barker, Cedar Fort, $18.99, 370 pages (nf)

In "The Old Testament Explained Through Modern Revelation," Utah State alumnus Dan Barker presents Old Testament teachings alongside latter-day revelations, giving the reader greater clarity, deeper insights and more understanding.

Geared to the serious student or the curious reader, each chapter in the 370-page book covers a book of the Bible, so the reader can pick any chapter for specific study or start at the beginning in preparation for studying the Old Testament in Sunday School.

Within each chapter are subheadings for the major lesson points. Each point includes what the Bible teaches, what modern scripture teaches, and what modern revelation from prophets and apostles teaches. This organizes the material so that the major points and significant questions are answered from the perspectives of the Bible, modern scripture, and modern prophets and apostles. Reference citations are included for further study.

Barker opens with a history of the Bible’s accessibility, as well as Joseph Smith’s emphasis that it can be understood more accurately in Hebrew. This leads to Barker’s thesis that the Bible has been vitally important to the prophets of this dispensation.

"The Old Testament Explained Through Modern Revelation" is Barker's fourth book.

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