What happens if you follow a trend to its logical conclusion? First a federal court rules that states cannot criminalize the private intimate behavior of consenting homosexual adults. By logical extension that ruling also applies to all consenting adults regardless of gender, combinations, blood or marital relationships. Second, a federal court rules that a state cannot criminalize the consenting relationships of groups who purport themselves to be living as polygamists without state sanction.

Third, a federal court rules that under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, a state must sanction the marriages of homosexual couples. How long will it be before there are similar rulings giving equal protection for polygamous groups, polyamorous groups, persons closely related by blood or any others who might wish the legal advantages of state sanctioned marriage? How long before public accommodation laws are used to penalize anyone who finds any of these behaviors to be morally objectionable?

Perhaps it is time to consider getting the state out of the marriage sanctioning business. Make marriage a matter of civil contract between parties. No state recognition, advantage or disadvantage and state involvement only in the interests of minor children. All moral issues should be left to the individual conscience and the churches to which a person adheres. No forced public accommodation necessary.

Thomas Brown