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"Protecting Against Spiritual Identity Theft" is by Barbara D. Lockhart, Wendy C. Top and Brent L. Top.

"PROTECTING AGAINST ETERNAL IDENTITY THEFT: Remembering Your Divine Worth," by Barbara D. Lockhart, Wendy C. Top and Brent L. Top, Covenant Communications, $13.99, 105 pages (nf)

Guarding against spiritual identity theft and fraud is what authors Barbara D. Lockhart, Wendy C. Top and Brent L. Top tackle in "Protecting Against Eternal Identity Theft." It's a book that is both doctrinal and practical.

They authors write that, “There is a spiritual – even divine – identity that each of us possesses that, though obscured by our mortal experience, if fully understood would heighten our self-respect and inspire us to a great realization of our divine potential.”

Frequently asked questions about one's true identity as a child of God are answered throughout the book's eight chapters. Ways in which Satan may be trying to rob people of that identity are also included. As the reader considers these things they are able to assess where they currently stand.

This is a quick user-friendly read that has key insights highlighted by using larger font in bold text. There are sidebars that feature what the authors call “Identity Checks” with quotes from LDS Church leaders. Small sidebar boxes contain “Belief Windows,” with self-evaulating questions to ask, such as, “Whose approval do I seek in my actions and appearance each day?”

Topics covered include eternal identity, pride, God’s love, faith in the atonement and the temple, and are all designed to help the reader remember their divine worth.

In essence, this book may be a self-help book for the ultimate reality check.

Lockhart is a professor of exercise science and religion at Brigahm Young University. Brent L. Top is also a professor at BYU where he teaches history and doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His wife, Wendy, an author, has co-authored other books with him.

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