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"TIMES LIKE THESE," by Wayne Burton, Huge Music, $14.99

In Wayne Burton's latest album, "Times Like These," listeners can find the spiritual boost they seek.

A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Burton has written a sixth album that includes the title track, "In Times Like These," featuring singer Jessie Clark Funk. The song was finished just days before the tragic school shootings in Connecticut. Burton has not only decided to dedicate this song to the victims, but is also donating the sales of it to charity.

Each of the 13 songs encourages listeners to have faith, find hope, be spiritually strong and to rely on the Savior throughout life's trials. Some titles include "He Loves Me — Anyway," "Sacred Ground" and "The Spirit Speaks to Me." Though appropriate for all ages, the themes seem to be especially designed for youths and adults.

Additionally, Burton — a family physician — has dedicated the album to his musician nephew, Josh Burton, who died while serving an LDS mission in Guatemala earlier this year. Each of his five previous albums have been dedicated to one of his five children.

The album is co-produced by Burton, Tyler Castleton and Kenneth Cope and also features guest artists Funk, Rebecca Lopez and Julie Yardley.

"Times Like These" is a powerful album with music to speak to the hearts of listeners of all ages.

'Times Like These' by Wayne Burton

The title song on "Times Like These" by Wayne Burton with Jessie Clark Funk.

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