Let’s review Dave Jensen’s comments on gun violence (“Gun lobby,” Dec. 18). First, the concept of “More Guns, Less Crime” is the title of a book based on scientific, university research, not NRA propaganda. Second, it is a good idea to demonstrate proficiency with a gun to acquire a concealed-carry permit, and some of those who give firearm classes require it. This, however, has nothing to do with “pat[s] … on the back” by or drinking the “Kool-Aid” of the NRA.

Third, by what scientific measurement does he assess that there are people running around with permitted firearms and “no clue” about how to use them, thereby making “none of us” safer? The assumption may be partially true of some very small minority, but the very nature of the permitting process makes it largely absurd.

Fourth, by what convolution of thought are we to suppose that — where criminals will have guns, as he admits — the evil acts of “lunatics” can be magically undone by “any president” because interest in guns somehow translates into devaluing human life? As many as 2 million times a year, firearms stop or prevent assaults, including murders. Let’s more carefully educate our assumptions.

Allan South