Congratulations to Gov. Gary Herbert and the other five elected officials on receiving the support of a commission to raise your salaries. I just thought I would try and share a perspective of what that means to me. First, your raise will be equal to what my yearly salary is for one year before taxes. I have been at the top of the salary schedule now for seven years and am not scheduled to move any further for another three.

Second, can the commission really defend the statement that "unrealistically low compensation might lead to the perception that elected officials will need to find other sources of income while in office"? What do they say to teachers who must find other sources of income to support a family while teaching? Every male teacher I know has a second job and some a third to support their families. And third, "an incredibly difficult political decision to make" is a firm grasp of the obvious.

Whenever teachers in Utah talk about raises and we become proactive about the need, we are told "you chose your profession knowing that you would not get rich." Well, so did those elected officials. I know I am just one voter, and I did vote for Herbert, but if you accept this raise, you can bet I won't be voting for him again.

Nancy Head