Already a fan favorite for his down-to-earth nature, former BYU basketball player Jimmer Fredette earned major points with a few young basketball fans recently.

Sacramento's ABC News 10 reported that four neighborhood kids went to the NBA player's house and asked if Fredette would come out and shoot hoops. The third-year Kings guard obliged.

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"They had some good courage, I think, to go up and talk to me and to ask me to do that because I don't know if I would have had the courage at that age to do that, so it was great," Fredette told ABC News 10.

Fredette played hoops in a driveway with the kids for an hour, shooting threes from the street and playing 21, according to the report.

The gesture made an impression with the four elementary school boys.

"It's pretty cool to say, 'Oh yeah, yesterday I was playing with him on the driveway and now I'm watching him shoot baskets in the NBA.' It was pretty cool," Parker 'PC' Cole told ABC News 10.