Your editorial ("Holly refinery should be allowed to expand," Dec. 12) supports expansion without consideration of all the facts. The expansion review process should factor in all added sources of pollution and attendant consequences. Despite contentions to the contrary, it is acknowledged that expansion will result in an increase of some of the most harmful types of pollution. It is also known that several other refineries are considering expansion, and there is no consideration of the ultimate combined additional pollution of these several refineries.

Because the type of waxy crude that will be refined can't be hauled by train, Holly's own estimates show more tanker truck traffic amounting to 160 vehicles daily, on an interchange that is often over capacity. Holly has tried to couch this additional traffic in statistical terms that suggest it is inconsequential.

But recently, the federal government classed diesel emissions in the same class of carcinogens as asbestos. The creation of 45 jobs is small compensation for the additional health consequences, also well documented, to the citizens in the fish bowl that is the Salt Lake Valley. The negatives of expansion far outweigh any benefit to the state and people of Utah.

William Forbes