USA Today did a story on the Commonwealth Fund’s analysis of the detrimental effects on red states that reject Medicaid expansion. The study pretty much proved that such states are shooting themselves in the foot just to spite the president and showed that the impact will be greater than previously thought. Not only are Republican governors leaving millions of citizens without health coverage, but they are actually hurting their own economies.

It is staggering the amount of money these states are losing out on just by being bullheaded: Texas alone is forfeiting more than $9 billion by opting out, Florida will surrender $5 billion and other red states are forfeiting millions they could inject into their state economies.

Medicaid money goes directly to health care providers, which improves a hospital’s bottom line and lifts a burden from county taxpayers, while creating more jobs and improving the overall state economy. Working families would have insurance coverage and peace of mind instead of using the emergency room for their primary care.

Expansion would take pressure off the state budget, freeing up funds for important priorities like education, and reduce local property taxes. Why keep paying for other states while not getting the benefits for ourselves?

Sherrie Goff