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New York Times best-seller and world-renowned blogger Stephanie Nielson shared her story of courage and strength to underscore the importance of family at a conference in Utah this year.

Nielson was one of multiple speakers to address an audience at the Utah Valley University Convention Center for an event organized by Utah First Lady Jeanette Herbert on Oct. 26, 2013. Herbert's non-profit initiative, Uplift Families, organized the event and featured many well-known individuals who spoke on the same topic.

During her presentation, Nielson described life as a young mother and the dramatic changes that took place after she and her husband were involved in a serious plane accident that burned 80 percent of her body. Throughout it all, Nielson said it was her family that gave her a desire to live.

"My family is my greatest accomplishment," Nielson said. "The sole reason I came back from the dead was because I know that I’m their mother, and I am irreplaceable."

Video clips from other speakers at the Uplift Families event, including Chad Lewis and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert, can be seen here.