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N.C. Allen' "What Happens in Venice" is one of the six romantic suspense novellas in the "A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection."

"A TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY: European Collection," by Annette Lyon, G.G.Vandagriff, Michele Paige Holmes, Sarah M. Eden, Heather B. Moore and Nancy Campbell Allen, Mirror Press, $4.99, 204 pages (f)

Six starry-eyed authors share a romantic tour of exotic European cities in their latest alluring collection.

“A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection” — the newest edition in a growing treasury of clean love stories — hit cyber shelves in November. This collection, the strongest of the five Romance Anthology books released thus far, escorts readers through historic Europe’s romantic settings in search of the perfect love story.

A half-dozen local authors joined forces to produce this work. Annette Lyon, Sarah Eden and Heather Moore contribute as experts in the Romance Anthology department, having each participated in the previous four collections. However, newcomers G.G. Vandagriff, Michele Holmes and Nancy Allen add intrigue and flair to the series with their creations as well.

With stories that travel from England to France and Finland to Italy, this album highlights glimpses of historical love in many of Europe’s most amorous settings.

Each novella is a world unto itself with characters that pique the interest of romance readers.

With a Regency Era elopement to a near destitute count, a moody and mourning gentleman required to marry so as to secure his fortune and two newlywed London aristocrats learning to live in love, the collection pays homage to England’s passionate side.

But the anthology also delves into the dynamic battlefronts of World War II Finland, where experienced U.S. journalists try to mend their broken hearts amid the war, the French countryside where a miserly and competitive shipping tycoon tries to protect his daughter from an undesirable suitor, and the fluid streets of Venice where a Cinderella-style story brings a repressed artist and a young count together.

This grouping is the most cohesive and sturdy of the Romance Anthology offerings so far. Each story has merit on its own, but together they thrive as a collection as well. The tales are well-paced and intriguing.

Each of these novellas are clean and fresh and devoid of swearing, explicit sexuality or innuendo.

“A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection” is available as an e-book.

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